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In referring to the torrential deluge of rain we have witnessed as of the last few days in Northern California, my older daughter said it much better than I ever could have,

“Holy moly schmoly!”

The following picture is of the local creek that runs behind our place. The flow is actually more than we get most of the summer and fall, when it is typically 100% dry. That’s mostly sand and gravel, not water you are looking at.

           I only wish it flowed like this all summer.


As early as last summer, the weather guessers predicted La Niña weather conditions for the coming winter—as in the one we are just wrapping up—that would manifest itself in early heavy precipitation, possibly followed by an extended period of not much more rain for the remainder of the winter.


Oh boy, were they wrong.


Well, we did get a whole bunch early in the season, which thrilled us skiers and snowboarders, to no end.


And we did get a stretch of awful nice weather, in which the lack of fresh powder was pretty damn awful.


But this weekend?!?…Again, in the words of my daughter,

“This isn’t even rain. It is a lake falling from the sky.”

The next picture is of the same creek taken pretty much standing in the same spot.



        Cache Creek Huffs Corner high water



You’re damn right, “holy moly schmoly!”

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