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Phobos Grunt debris


It appears that the reported upcoming end of the world is getting a head start, at least if the weather is any indication.


While the ski resorts of the western United States are more brown and dry than white and fluffy, small towns in Alaska are sagging under the weight of mega storms that have left towering snow dumps 50 feet in height.


Cordova snow


I’m packing for a trip from sunny California to the Wasatch mountains of Utah, which typically have some of the best skiing on the planet this time of the year.


Instead of ski boots and a parka, I’m packing sandals and sunblock.


It’s not that I haven’t been doing my part to prompt the snow gods to open the skies and coat the ski slopes with something other than dust. I’ve been looking skyward, just hoping for a hint of winter to finally fall.


Phobos Grunt

And then I heard from the highest authority that basic cable has to offer that something called a phobos grunt is supposed to be falling to earth today.


Something about a fourteen-ton Russian spacecraft with 11 tons of toxic rocket fuel on board.

And to make things really interesting,

“Experts admit they have no idea when and where it will hit.”


What the hell?!? Is this what the beginning of the end looks like?


Well, at least that is what Stephen Colbert is telling us


End of the world as we know it?


Maybe we should all just stay inside and catch the football playoff games du jour.


Or, at least, don’t look up.

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